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Volume I, The Thayer -Tayer - Theyer Families of Gloucestershire, England 1500-1660

Compiled by G. David Thayer
The following list contains the known major errata for 
The Thayer / Theyer / Tayer Families of Gloucestershire, England 1500-1660. The page numbers are self-explanatory. The column numbers refer to pages where there are two columns of text divided by a vertical rule; column 1 is the left-hand column, column 2, the right-hand. Paragraphs are numbered from the top of each page. Headings that stand on a line by themselves count as a paragraph, except for those that stand alone at the top of a page. Some paragraphs are identified by the number and name of the person being discussed, and others are identified as "NOTES for..."; this is to make them easier for the reader to find on the page. The lines within each paragraph are numbered beginning with the first line of regular text—that is, not a title or header—as line number 1.

A large number of minor errors, mostly missing periods at the ends of sentences (often at the ends of paragraphs), some double periods, and some minor errors in punctuation or spacing, all of which in no way impair understanding of the text, have been omitted from the Errata.

Whenever the reader encounters difficulty in reading or understanding the text, referring to this errata list may resolve the problem.

Page v, para. 4, line 2 should read "the area of book formatting, ..."Page vii, para. 5, line 3 should read "the sake of the nearly 7,000 present-day Thayer families ..."
Page ix, col. 1, para. 2, line 21 should read "Mandeville. King Henry the Eighth with his"

Page xi, col. 1, para. 2, lines 21–22 should read "... enacted an ordinance requiring a system of"
Page xii, col. 1, para. 3, line 2 should read "certainly Tayer, and it is believed that she also"

Page xii, col. 1, para. 3, line 11 should read "married into the Cullimore family. She died"
Page xii, col. 2, para. 3, lines 2–3 should read "... separate in origin, it would seem probable that ..."
Page 3, col. 1, para. 2, line 6 should read "(Burages were free hold sites.) Of course in"
Page 5, col. 1, para. 4, line 4 should read "from the Thornbury family. My reason for this"
Page 6, col. 1, para. 1, line 10 should read "capable of bearing arms. Or, if incapacitated,"
Page 7, col. 2, para. 1, line 12 should read "#247). John was married in 1603 at Brockworth to"
Page 7, col. 2, para. 2, line 17 should read "in Thornbury by the turn of the twentieth"

Page 7, col. 2, 2nd line of footnote should read "about six out of ten children would have died before"
Page 10, col. 1, para. 1, line 5 should read "been manifested by the coins and shards of"

Page 10, col. 1, para. 3, line 2 should read "beautiful—though modern research shows"
Page 11, col. 1, para. 3, lines 4–5 should read "... grown for the community, some of which was shipped ..."

Page 11, col. 1, para. 3, line 6 should read "... city of Bristol. The manor contained"
Page 11, col. 1, para. 3, lines 8–9 should read "... The Domesday book reveals that at the time there were:"

Page 13, col. 1, para. 3, lines 12–13 should read "... which is situated on a carved pedestal...."
Page 13, col. 2, para. 1, line 1 should read "... There is a sundial over the porch on"

Page 14, col. 1, para. 1, lines 2–4 should read "1777), and a number of other memorials may be found in the stained glass of the east and several other windows."
Page 14, col. 1, para. 2, lines 4–5 should read "... which was said also to have been later used by Henry VIII."

Page 14, col. 1, para. 4, line 2 should read "owing to the fact that the marble appears to have"
Page 14, col. 2, last para, lines 12–13 should read "... the very church that bears her memorial 76 years later."

Page 15, #9 Anne Tayer, last line should read ‘... departed this life May the 3rd 1729, Aged 73." (died unmarried)’
Page 16, para. 1, line 2 should read ‘mother’s inscription) "Also, Here lieth ...

Page 16, para. 1, lines 3–4 should read "... Was she possibly the mother of William Osborne ..."
Page 16, para. 2, lines 4–5 should read ‘... October 1708, Aetatis suse 29o." ’

Page 16, para. 4, line 3 should read "... From memorial plaque in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin: ..."
Page 16, para. 5, line 13 should read "John Cullimore, which is illegible from the photo taken ..."

Page 17—part of the poem is missing. The text at the top of the page should read:

Another point of interest is the memorial, used as a
"paving stone" within the church, that reads as follows:

Here lyeth the
late of Thornbury Spinster Daughter of JOHN and SARAH TAYER y
Elder of Kington who departed this life May y31729 Aged 73

Stay gentle reader hast thou not away
Cast back thine eyes on me Poor lump of clay

For thou like me lye down in silence must
Enclos’d within a gloomy bed of dust

Till the last day, when God us both shall raise
With Saints to sing and celebrate his praise

And seat us on a Throne void of all harme
Eremore to crown us w
thImmortall charme.


Page 20, bottom caption, last line should read "... in 1930 by Walter Hunnable of Braintree, Eng.)"
Page 21, col. 1, para. 1, line 7 should read ‘ "Kings Village"), which was built in the early ’

Page 29, col. 1, para. 1, line 8 should read "though it was never completed. It was erected"
Page 29, col. 1, para. 1, line 25 should read "This was not your archetype rugged castle, but"

Page 30, col. 1, para. 2, line 9 should read "body of the chapel is itself fairly built"
Page 30, col. 2, para. 2, line 1 should read "When the King granted the Duke license to"

Page 30, col. 2, para. 2, line 5 should read "which evidence could only be described as"
Page 30, col. 2, para. 2, line 23 should read "the building of the Thornbury Castle came to a"

Page 30, col. 2, para. 2, last line should read "any definite evidence whatsoever. The duke’s"
Page 31, col. 1, para.2, lines 4–5 should read "... at which time parts of it began to be restored...."
Page 32, col. 2, para. 1, line 5 should read "of a stronghold wherein the surrounding"
Page 32, col. 2, para. 3, lines 3–4 should read "... During the next century it is quite possible that ..."
Page 37, col. 2, para. 1, line 2 should read "possibly the latter’s children (Samuel, Eliz.,"
Page 37, col. 2, para. 3, lines 7–8 should read "... I assume that Ojeda never intentionally implied that ..."
Page 37, col. 2, para. 3, last 2 lines should read "... misconception that others have a right to its use."
Page 38, col. 1, para. 1, line 2 should read "Conquest, and this remained so until about the"
Page 38, col. 1, para. 3, lines 2–3 should read "... Armour which the... soldiers wore so completely concealed ..."
Page 38, col. 2, para. 2, line 1 should read "Inasmuch as the study of heraldry"
Page 39, col. 1, para. 2, line 8 should read "... As a rule, however,"Page 40, col. 2, footnote #42 should read "The name Thurston was mentioned as a godfather in at least two ..."
Page 41, col. 2, reference 11, line 2 should read "Queen’s College, Oxford, MS. xcviii."
Page 42, col. 1, para. 1, lines 1–2 should read "... earliest known ancestor ..."
Page 42, col. 1, para. 2, lines 3, 4 should read "was taken to determine all able persons fit to serve the king in his wars, of which there were"
Page 42, col. 1, para. 2, line 6 should read "church, which had been showing signs of decay,"
Page 42, col. 1, para. 3, line 3 should read "town’s more thoughtful inhabitants, the destitute"
Page 42, col. 2, para. 2, line 11 should read "entire month. The Duke, his attendants, and their"
Page 43, col. 1, last para., line 4 should read "was required to adhere to these and was subject to the consequences if he deviated from them. On 22 ..."
Page 44, col. 1, para. 1, last 3 lines should read "... lived side by side, a situation that appears to have been already antiquated by the time of John’s birth."
Page 44, col. 1, para. 2, lines 6–8 should read "This was highly probable; as was previously mentioned, the name Thornbury was derived from ..."
Page 44, col. 1, para. 3, line 7 should read "realizing that John Tayer, the Patriarch, was"
Page 44, col. 2, para. 3, line 7 should read "symbol of tranquility, but in that period it"
Page 45, col. 1, para. 2, lines 2–4 should read "... Formerly, everyone stood during the entire service...."
Page 46, col. 1, para. 3, line 6 should read "witness the results of Edward’s efforts to make"
Page 46, col. 1, para. 4, lines 2–5 should read "poor villagers, for only six years later they came under the rule of Queen Mary, who imposed a strict Catholic reign, and the Tayers ..."
Page 46, col. 2, para. 3, line 1 should read "John was nearing the twilight of his life at the"
Page 47, col. 1, para. 2, line 7 should read "and the minstrel shows, which would remind us"
Page 47, col. 2, para. 2, lines 2–3 should read "popular names of the day—William, John, and Thomas...."
Page 48, col. 1, para. 4, line 5 should read "rules established by the Church, which soon"
Page 48, column 2, para 2, lines 1–6 should read "It is no surprise that Thayer descendants would like their ancestors to have been members of the social elite. Whether our progenitors were of high ...standing is, however, really insignificant, ..."
Page 49, para. 3, lines 1–2 should read "... sons of John (the Patriarch) and his wife, Constance, ..."
Page 49, para. 3, last line should read "awkward statement in his 1907 publication, Ojeda further reveals:"
Page 50, para. 4, line 3 should read "Thornbury, and unless some heretofore"
Page 51, para. 1, line 11 should read ‘ for "Willihelmus Tawier" (believed by some to be ... 
Page 53, NOTES for John, last 2 lines should read "1566, 1567, 1568, and 1569. Some time after his death, his widow, Mary, married 2nd to William Cooke."
Page 53, #6, Thomas THAYER, line 3 should read "... Godfathers were John Tawier (his"
Page 56, para. 1, line 8 should read "... Johnson presents evidence as found in the parish registers ..."
Page 58, #22, Welfrey THAYER, lines 3–4 should read "...Godfathers were Welfrey Tayer (his uncle) and John ..."
Page 59, NOTES for Thomas, 2nd para, line 5 should read "... He spoke with Dearborn, to whom he was referred as an expert on the subject, and was"
Page 60, #23, Thomas THAYER, line 3 should read "... married ...about 1643 (of) Braintree, Norfolk, MA. She ..."
Page 60, Notes for Ferdinando, line 1 should read "He was one of the original settlers of Nipmug, later called ..."
Page 62, #41, Cornelius THAYER, line 4 should read "... Godmother was Alice Hopkins or Seaborn."
Page 63, NOTES for Richard (top), lines 3–4 should read "... was buried in Thornbury on or about 17 Jan 1641...."
Page 63, NOTES for Richard (top), lines 7–9 should read "... as a garrison depot for protection against ... in 1641, so evidently was a member of ... at Braintree, and ..."
Page 63, NOTES for Richard (top), line 17 should read "... and was dated 6 Oct"
Page 63, same paragraph, lines 19–20 should read "West Indies and that he was buried there (data source Ruth Thayer Ravenscroft and Waldo Chamberlain Sprague). A more detailed account of Richard and ... his descendants is followed ..."
Page 64, para. 1, line 1 should read "I will mention that he was ... in an almost constant state of disagreement ..."
Page 65, #46, Jonathan THAYER, line 4 should read "uncle) and John Dinty (Dimery?). Godmother was ..."
Page 65, NOTES for William, line 4 should read "... possibly William Cook—his grandmother’s 2nd husband?"
Page 67, NOTES for Nathaniel, line 4 should read "... That Nathaniel was baptized 11 Apr 1639 and was the son ..."
Page 67, NOTES for Nathaniel, para. 2, line 1 should read "The reader may wish to see the Thayer family extracts ..."
Page 67, NOTES for Nathaniel, para. 2, line 3 should read "children of NathanielThayer of Taunton would seem to indicate that he was a son of William Thayer."
Page 69, para. 1, line 3 should read "England parish register. Godfathers were ..."
Page 69, #93, Cecily THAYER, line 12 should read "... names ...were not given for christenings in the parish ..."
Page 70, NOTES for Katherine, line 5 should read "... To my 4 grandchildren, viz: the 4 daughters of"
Page 71, NOTES for Edward, line 1 should read "His widow Katherine’s will only mentions two children ..."
Page 71, #84, John THAYER, lines 3–4 should read "... Is he possibly the father of Anne Tayer ..."
Page 75, para. 1, lines 1–2 should read "... A great portion of the land lies in pasture...."
Page 76, para. 1, line 1 should read "to the obtaining of ancient manuscripts (MSS) thereof, in which ..."
Page 77, para. 2, line 3 should read "commands a view of the whole vale of Gloucester, ..."
Page 77, para. 3, line 4 should read "... The latter runs for more than a mile within the parish...."
Page 77, para. 3, line 7 should read "... Caesar once said, somewhat sarcastically, of the place, ..."
Page 78, para. 1, line 4 should read "the pomegranate—the symbol of Katherine of Aragon—and beneath"
Page 82, NOTES for Agnes, line 2 should read ‘ Richard Hart, "prior of Llanthony, Gloucester," who ... 
Page 88, NOTES for John, line 2 should read "1632 (see father’s notes). Evidently this is the John who ..."
Page 92, #238, Charles THEYER, line 3 should read "... Ojeda states in The Thayer Family of Brockworth that ..."
Page 93, NOTES for John, line 9 should read ‘ ... of Brockworth, "my curate and pastor" William Long, ... 
Page 94, #255, Richard THEYER, line 4–5 should read "... but is not mentioned in the 1607 will of his mother, ..."
Page 95, NOTES for Robert, para. 3, line 2 should read "...**NOTE: are we to deduce that Robert had ..."
Page 96, #259, John THEYER, line 2 should read "mentioned in The Thayer Family of Brockworth...."
Page 98, #282, Margaret THEYER, line 1 should read "... BUTT. She is mentioned in father’s will of 1574"
Page 98, #283, Katherine THEYER, line 2 should read "grandmother, Catherine Thaire, ..."
Page 99, #291, Gyles THEYER, line 2 should read: ‘ ... called "Gyles Theyer of Sandhurst." He is mentioned in ... 
Page 99, NOTES for John, line 3 should read "his uncle, William Theyer; if so, he is apparently ..."
Page 104, para. 2, line 1 should read ‘ "Thomas Theyer, of Brockworth, ...’ [double quotation mark missing ]
Page 104, para. 2, line 13 should read "to have authority during son’s nonage [minority]" [comment not in original]
Page 105, para. 1, line 4 should read "... but no one heretofore has bothered to"
Page 105, para. 1, line 7 should read "... is indisputably predominant in that county. In"
Page 105, para. 3, line 2 should read "its various spellings, ..."
Page 107, col. 2, last line should (probably) read "Norwich (1715– 1858)"
Page 112, bottom para., line 1 should read "In this section of his work Caffal covers a period when ..."
Page 116, ref. #36 should read "New England Historic Genealogical Society, Register, Vol. 60, pp 281–291."

Errata 2

Compiled by G. David Thayer
The following corrections to this book are required owing to discoveries made by researcher Clifford L. Stott and published in 
The American Genealogist.The errors corrected here were caused mostly by misreading of original parish registry entries from the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Thornbury, Gloucester, England by Walter Faxon, Edward Henry Whorf, and Henry Ernest Woods.2

Number 93 (page 69) Cecily Thayer, who married James Davis and was an immigrant to America, was actually the daughter of #66 John Thayer (Tawier) and Joan Lawrence (page 68). She replaces child vi, #72, Evelyn (or Ellyne) Thayer. Woodsmisread "Cicelye" as "Evelyn (?)" in the will of her father, John Thayer, which led to the confusion about Cicely's parentage. Cicely was baptized as "Sicely Tayer" on 1 May 1600. All other information about Cicely given on page 69 of this book is believed to be correct.

Number 66 (page 68) John Thayer, who married Joan Lawrence and whose sixth child was the Cecily Thayer discussed in the previous paragraph (and who was baptized on 1 May 1600), was baptized on 6 May 1561, not 28 Feb 1563/1564 (which should have read "1562/1563"). The latter baptismal record was based on a misreading by Faxon et al. of the entry for Johanes Tayler (not Tawier), who was not a Thayer. John Thayer died on 1 Jan 1601 and was buried on 4 Jan 1601 according to the parish records (on page 68 he is incorrectly listed as having been buried on 1 Jan 1601); the Julian year for these events was 1600 (see discussion below). In the will of John Tayer at the bottom of page 68, the second line should read: "... To 3 daughters Alice, Agnes and Cicelye Tayer ..." rather than "Alice, Agnes, and Evelyn (Ellyne?)."1,3

Number 3 (pp. 51–52) John Thayer, who was born about 1531 and was buried on 12 Oct 1584, is probably the correct father of #66 John Thayer, except the latter was #11, child iii, baptized 6 May 1561, not number 66, child v, baptized 28 Feb 1563, which is based on the incorrect reading for the baptism of John Taylor, as discussed in the preceding paragraph.
Number 66, in effect, does not exist, and #11 was the John Thayer who later married Joan Lawrence and had a daughter named Cicely Thayer. Child v of John Thayer and Mary Roberts probably does not exist. In addition, the text at the top of page 52 should read: "Mary died, and was buried 30 [not 20] Apr 1611 at Thornbury, Gloucester, England. The parish register entry reads: ‘The 30th day [of April 1611] was buried Mrs. Mary Cooke whose sister enlaw [
sic] wast the Thomas Tawyer who died in Ano 1573.’ (It should be noted that i those days the term ‘sister-in-law’ had an entirely different meaning than it does today.)" This Thomas was #102 on pp. 51 & 72.

Number 6 (p. 53) Thomas Thayer’s name was mistranscribed in preparing this book; his name was actually Francis Tawier (Thayer). His baptismal date and record (except for the name "Thomas") are given correctly on p. 53.
Number 10 (p. 54) Ferdinando Thayer’s baptismal record was misread. He was listed as "Ferdinando Tawyer" (not "Ferdinand Tawier"), and godfathers were Thomas Pockwood (not "Porkwood") and John Earle (not "Carle").
Number 67 (p. 68) should be Jane Thayer (name mistranscribed as "Joan") baptized 22 Oct 1590. She was buried on 8 Nov 1590, and was listed as unplaced "Jane Tayer" on p. 74.
In addition, Stott reveals that the Thornbury parish records followed the unusual practice of starting the new year on 1 Jan during the period from 1550 through 1610, instead of 25 Mar, which was the rule under the Julian calendar that was in general usage in England until 1752. Beginning in 1611, the parish records switch to using the Julian calendar (new year begins on 25 Mar) through 1752, when the Gregorian calendar was adopted throughout England and her colonies. Thus, the Thornbury parish seems to have anticipated part of the Gregorian calendar reform even before it was officially promulgated by the Vatican (in 1582). This means that the double- dating of entries in this book falling between 1 Jan and 24 Mar during the period 1550-1610 may be incorrect. Many of these should be one year earlier than given. A list of known errors of this sort follows. The page number is given followed by the correct information:

51: #1 John Thayer was buried on 11 Feb 1560/1561. Parish entry is 1561.
51: Constans Tawier, discussed with the above, was buried 19 Mar 1560/1561 ("1561").

51: #2 William Thayer was buried 11 Feb 1560/1561. Parish entry is 1561.
51, 72: #102 Thomas Thayer was buried 17 Mar 1572/1573. Parish entry is 1573.

51: #110 Constance Thayer was married 19 Feb 1559/1560. Parish entry is 1560.
51: #66 John Thayer was baptized 6 May 1561 (date given is for the wrong person).
52: #78 William Thayer was baptized 22 Mar 1571/1572. Parish entry is 1572.
52: #79 Nicholas Thayer was baptized 25 Jan 1572/1573. Parish entry is 1573.
53: #100 Anthony Thayer was baptized 6 Jan 1580/1581. Parish entry is 1581.
57: #17 Joan Thayer was baptized 6 Jan 1591/1592 ("1592") and buried on 5 Feb 1591/1592 ("1592").
57: #30 Welfry Thayer was baptized 1 Jan 1598/1599 (parish entry: 1599).
57: #42 Catherine Thayer was baptized 24 Feb 1602/1603 (parish entry: 1603, "Cathrine Tayer").
57: #63 Agnes Thayer was baptized 15 Mar 1606/1607 (parish entry: 1607, "Agnis Taire").
68: #69 Thomas Thayer was baptized on 21 Jan 1593/1594 ("1594") and buried on 14 Feb 1593/1594 ("1594").
70: #96 Thomas Thayer was baptized on 15 Jan 1608/1609 and buried on 11 Feb 1608/1609 ("1609").
73: #106 Thomas Thayer was baptized on 13 Feb 1562/1563 ("1563") and buried on 6 Mar 1564/1565 ("1565").
Individuals with double-dated entries not listed above are believed to be correct. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

52: #4 John Thayer baptized 4 Jan 1557/1558 ("1558").
52: #73 William Thayer was buried on 13 Jan 1564/1565; parish entry 1565, as given on p. 52.
53: #6 Francis Thayer baptized 7 Mar 1589/1590 ("1590"); his name was misread as "Thomas."
54: #10 Ferdinando Thayer baptized 1 Mar 1597/1598 ("1598").
57: #18 John Thayer buried 15 Mar 1606/1607 ("1607").
57: #19 Mary Thayer was baptized 1 Mar 1594/1595; parish entry 1595, as given on p. 57.
58: #65 John Thayer was buried 26 Feb 1627/1628 (day given as "20" on p. 58; year is correct).
68: #66 John Thayer: 1 Jan 1601 is correct date of death (not burial), but should read 1 Jan 1600/1601.
68: Date of proving of John’s will given at bottom of page is correct: March 1600/1601.
73: #109 Thomas Thayer baptized 12 Feb 1569/1570 ("1570").

Note: There is no evidence that #16 Ann Thayer died on 10 Nov 1590 as stated on p. 55. The baptismal entry as reported by Faxon et al.was misleading. The parish register actually reads as follows: An Tawier buried 10 November [1590].

An Tawier the daughter of the forenamed An Tawier baptized the same day and hour that the mother was buried[;] Richard Pullen godfather[,] Sicely Jones & Margaret Griffing godmother[s].

These are the only parish register entries for any Thayers in November 1590, except for #67 Jane Tayer who was buried on the 8th after having been baptized only 17 days earlier.
1 Clifford L. Scott, "The Gloucestershire T(h)ayer Ancestry: The Ancestry of Cicely Tayer, Wife of James1 Davis of Havenhill, MA, and probable cousin of Thomas1 and Richard1 T(h)ayer of Braintree,
The American Genealogist, Vol. 73, No. 2 (April 1988), pp.81-90. 2 Walter Faxon, Edward Henry Whorf, and Henry Ernest Woods, "Tayer (Thayer) Family Entries in the Parish Registry of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England," The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 60 (1906), pp. 281-288.
3 Henry Ernest Woods, "Abstracts of Wills Relating to the Tayer (Thayer) Family of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England," 
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 60 (1906), pp. 289-291.
This listing here is by Printing number, and the corrections that pertain to that printing.

First Printing, Page 57. The death date Catherine Thayer (#42) is in error. We do not have a death date for this Catherine. This date was a typographical error.
First Printing, Page 61. The parish register at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin gives the marriage of Richard Thayer (#31) and first wife, Dorothy Mortimore as 5 Apr 1624. It will be noted that not all the marriage dates as given in the parish registers are always congruous with the births of the first child in every instance. See NOTE listed below.
First Printing, Page 70. The death data for Thomas Thayer (#194), the fourth child of Edward THAYER and Katherine EDDYS is not recorded in the parish registers at St. Mary---it was assumed to have occurred before Thomas (#96), the sixth child, was born, and he is the Thomas who obviously died just less than a month old on 11 Feb 1609/1610. Elizabeth, (#95) the fifth child, in this family was chr. 14 Jul 1606 and not 21 Aug 1603 as stated in the book.

Note: Additionally, the dates used in this book reflect the data as found in the original records whenever possible. Some of the confusion regarding the early dates can be attributed to the double- dating system practiced by England and her colonies. An understanding of the Gregorian Calendar system, (too complex to explain here) which was not formally adopted by the British Colonies until 1752, may help the reader to understand why it was more difficult to tell the year of birth of a child who was born in the months of January, February and March.