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Early Richard, Thomas, and Nathaniel Thayer Books

The following corrections should be made by all holders of Patricia Thayer Muno's Richard, Thomas, and Nathaniel Thayer books. If any of our readers finds one of these books in a library, please notify the librarian and provide a copy of this page.

Descendants of Thomas Thayer:

Page 4. Dighton Thayer (born 1840) with a son of Lemuel and ANNA (_____) and NOT a son of Hiram Thayer and Ann Carver. This would make Dighton a brother rather than a son of Hiram.
Page 8. The Zephaniah Thayer who was the son of Ebenezer Thayer and Rachel Wales died in 1747 (about age 10). The Zephaniah Thayer who married Prudence Loomis was a son of William Thayer and Sarah Keith on page 283. Both Zephaniahs were born about 1737.

Page 73. Samuel Thayer, born abt. 1784, married Huldah Crossman, may be in error as the son of AmasaThayer and Perley Wheelock (William4, Thomas3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1). Sprague believes he was instead a son of Abijah4, John3, Jonathan2, Nathaniel1, and should therefore appear in the Nathaniel book on page 19.

Page 221. Rufus Thayer was erroneously published as a son of Nathan Thayer and Catherine Draper. He is duplicated in the Nathaniel Descendants book on page 19. Rufus evidently had 3 marriages, (marriage to Clarissa not proven).

Page 257. Manderville L. Thayer married 2nd Annie L. Durgin in 1894. Children Beulah and Verna are from Manderville's 2nd marriage rather than the 1st.
Page 283. The Oliver Thayer who married Lydia Collins was NOT the son of Oliver Thayer and Mindwell Bartlett. That Oliver is presently "unplaced". The Oliver who was the son of Oliver and Mindwell married Anne (_____)and appears on page 78 in "Some Controversial Families..." The two Olivers should switch places!

Descendants of Richard Thayer

Page 14. Joseph Warren Thayer (b 1815) DIED SINGLE. The Sophia B. Loring shown as his wife was instead, the wife of Joseph Williams


Thayer, who was the son of Warren K. Thayer on page 81 of "Some Controversial Families..."
Page 88. The Albert W. Thayer who married Jessie and was the father of Irene, Ralph & Carlton was NOT a son of George Washington Thayer. He was instead a son of Whitman M. Thayer and Sarah J. Reynolds on page 69 of same book.

Page 120. The Gideon Thayer who married Phebe Harris was NOT the son of Gideon ("short Gid") and Betsey. Their son, Gideon, died about age one. The Gideon who married Phebe is presently "unplaced".

Descendants of Nathaniel Thayer (Section I)

Page 19. The Rufus Thayer listed as a son of Abijah Thayer and Betsy Murdock is one and the same as Rufus who married Fanny Moulton. Rufus and Fanny's children erroneously appear in my Thomas descendants book on page 221. Abijah Thayer and Betty Thayer probably also had son Samuel Thayer who was born about 1784 and was the husband of Huldah Crossman. He was published, probably erroneously, in the Thomas Thayer Descendants book as a son of Amasa(William4, Thomas3, Ferdinando2, Thomas1) and Perly Wheelock on page 73. (Previous placement was based on Ravencroft).

Some Controversial Families (Section II)

Page 69/70. Isaac Thayer who married Nancy Cloon is thought to be the son of Benjamin Thayer and Jane Clark who appear on page 120 of Richard Thayer descendants book. If this is correct, then Isaac's lineage would be (Benji5, Daniel4, Nathaniel3, Richard2, Richard1).Page 71/72. The Jacob Thayer who married "Miriam" is one and the same as the Jacob Thayer who married Mary Orcutt and was the son of Jacob and Abigail on page 76 of the descendants of Richard book. The correct lineage of Jacobwas (Jacob5, Daniel4, Nathaniel3, Richard2, Richard1). Much of the info on these two pages is inaccurate because it was taken from the erroneous Thayer Genealogy of 1874.

Page 76. Oliver Thayer (born about 1740) married Sarah Bissell and was the son of William Thayer and Sarah Keith who appear in the Thomas Thayer descendants book on page 283. His lineage is as follows (William4, William3, Shadrach2, Thomas1).


Page 78/79/80. The Oliver Thayer that married Anne was the son of Oliver Thayer and Mindwell Bartlett on page 283 in the Thomas Thayer descendants book The lineage of Oliver5, who married Anne should therefore be (Oliver4, William3, Shadrach2, Thomas1).