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The Thayer Quarterly

This listing here is by Issue number with latest issues listed at the bottom and the corrections for that issue.
Summer 1994: article: Edward C. Thayer, Submitter of the article was Elizabeth J. Thayer Lindblom, not Lindbloom.

Summer 1994: article: C. A. Thayer, Clarence Allen Thayer married Clara A. (_____) in 1878 not 1854 as stated.
Spring, Summer 1994, Winter 1995. article: Revolution War veterans, the correct data is listed here, with the incorrect data omitted.

Reuben Thayer, married to Rachel Stetson, is not a Revolutionary War vet. Baruch Thayer - d. 1823
Elias Thayer - d. 1806
Elijah Thayer - b. 1762

Ezekiel Thayer - d. 1836
Gideon Thayer - b. 1740 Jedediah Thayer - d. 1788 Jeremiah Thayer - d. 1799
Joel Thayer - b. 1760
John Thayer - d. 1817
Jonathan Thayer - b. 1753
Micah Thayer - b. 1749
Micah Thayer - b. 1726
Nathaniel Thayer - d. 1811 Pelatiah Thayer - b. 1739 d. 1797 Richard Thayer - b. 1726 d. 1800 Stephen Thayer - d. 1781

Zebah Thayer - d. 1790

Spring 1995, Page 5, article: 254 Thayers Who Served in the Civil War,

George Washington Thayer was incorrectly listed as George William Thayer. Spouse listed is Nancy Williams and is correctly listed.
Spring 1996, Page 4, article: Unplaced Thayers of New Hampshire, Civil War soldier, Eli Thayer's father, Caleb Thayer, married first to Susanna Marble and 2nd to Lydia (_____). Caleb has a son of the second marriage and was born in 1778 and NOT "1810" as published previously.

Spring 1996, Page 7, article: Thayer Aviator Shatters Record, The subject of the article was mistakenly identified as Paul E. Thayer. His correct name is William Paul Thayer and he sometimes goes by the name W. Paul Thayer.Summer 1996, Page 1. Nahida de Comminges was misspelled Corninges.Summer 1996, Page 8, article: Letters, Vashti married Ephraim Hunt not Hint.Fall 1997, Page 16, article: Thayer Family Reunion, Thompson McConnell Thayer (1855-1933)-a twin, who married Sarah (Sally) Owen Boyd (1855-1912); Andrew Jackson Thayer (1855-1925)-a twin who married Nannie Cole Mullins


05 Jul 2004, Winter 1997/1998, Page 3, article: Unusual Markers,lineage listed incorrectly states Ebenezer 6; this should read Uriah 6.

05 Jul 2004, Spring 1998, Page 10, article: Golden Anniversary, lineage listed incorrectly states Ebenezer 6; this should read Uriah 6.
Spring 2000 Vol. 8 Issue 2, Page 5, article: Thomas Edward Thayer, I incorrectly listed the name Thomas Richard Thayer as the headstone found in Fort Donelson National Cemetery. The correct name is Thomas Edward Thayer. Thanks to all who pointed this out.

Summer 2002 Vol. 10 Issue 2, Page 2, near top of the left column, paragraph before Old business, corrected part is underlined, and should read as follows: Judy also gave her report for being TFA Ambassador to other Thayer gatherings. She and Jerry went to Sutton, W. VA. for the Thayer Family Reunion of the descendants of Seth and Rebecca [Carpenter] Thayer.

Spring 2003 Vol. 11 Issue 1, Page 15, left column, first paragraph, "Patty Kaye Stewart" was spelled incorrectly, should read as "Patty Kaye Stuart".Spring 2003 Vol. 11 Issue 1, Page 15, left column, the link to Patty Kaye Stuart's Census Index; should read as follows:www.geocities.com/Petsburgh/Farm/1396/GENEALOGY/THAYER/ 1930census.html

Note: Geocities has closed their site but the following link takes you to an archive of the old site and some of the links still work.http://web.archive.org/web/20030214234539/www.geocities.com/possumlover3/GENEALOGY/THAYER/thayer_records.html