July 1, 2019

page3image896142112Summer Greetings to all from Utah. It has been super busy here at the Muno household. Immediately upon picking up Volume VIII of my Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America up from the bindery, I commenced work on Volume IX. Extra research has been performed on Volume IX so that most of the parents of the spouses of Thayers are included, as well as the children of Thayer females will be stated (where known) in their respective notes. This volume will likely be around the size of Volumes VII and VIII. Unfortunately, the dies for imprinting the covers for Volumes VII and VIII have somehow been lost or misplaced. These will be expensive to reproduce. Volume VII is all sold out and will be back-ordered. Volume VIII has a very limited number of copies remaining. Please call Don Muno at 801-675-9262 for the current availability of Volume VIII.

Volume IX of the “Comprehensive” will include the Descendants of Thomas Thayer (1596-1665), Immigrant to America in 1637, Through His Grandsons, Ebenezer 3, and Benjamin 3(Ferdinando 2, Thomas 1 ) THAYER. Several interesting addendums and numerous photographs will be included. The finished size and cost will likely be comparable to that of Volume VIII (about $150 including postage and handling).

If you have any questions, please call Don at the number listed above.

Cousin P