Historian Report 8/2019

Historian’s Report August 2019
page3image390615936Summer Greetings to all from Utah.  It has been super busy here at the Muno household.  Immediately upon picking up Volume VIII of your Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of Americafrom the bindery, I commenced work on Volume IX (nine), which has continued for the last nine months.  This volume will be entitled the Descendants of Thomas Thayer , Immigrant to America in 1637, Through His Grandsons, Ebenezer3and Benjamin3(Ferdinando2, Thomas1) THAYER.
Much additional effort has been put into Volume IX to include the names of parents of nearly all Thayer spouses; their birth and death years (where known); and also, the names and dates of the children of Thayer females, along with their dates (where known).  Volume IX has the genealogical information of near 3,500 individuals, and the finished size and cost will likely be very comparable to that of Volume VIII (around 1,000 pages, and with cost to purchase about $150 (which will include postage and handling).  This, depending on my publishing costs, which keep going up and up-- much to my dismay!  (Remember, all proceeds from the sale of my books goes right back into my publishing fund!)
Several interesting addendums and numerous photos will be included.  Not all of the photos are of exceptional clarity. The photos come from a variety of sources, and I have earnestly attempted to give credit to each submitter for their submissions of photographs and information.  There is a sizeable listing of correspondents and contributors in the “Acknowledgements” section in the front of the book.
A number of you have inquired about the availability of past Volumes VII and VIII.  Unfortunately, the dies for imprinting the covers for these two Volumes have somehow been lost or misplaced.  Unfortunately, these will be expensive for me to reproduce.  All copies of Volume VII have been sold and will be backordered. Volume VIII has verylimited number of copies remaining unsold.  Please call editor Don Muno at 801-675-9262 for current availability of Volume VIII, and/or to express your interest in obtaining a future printing of Volume VII.
Now, how about some FUN??? Following is a quiz about THAYERS who will be appearing in Volume IX (9) of the Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. Test your knowledge now, and then check your answers against information posted at ThayerFamilies.org, and also in the actual text in that volume which is coming out in a few months!  
1. Which Thayer married the older sister of Confederate General, Benjamin Franklin Cheatham?
2. Which Thayer was the mother-in-law of President Theodore Roosevelt’s cousin?
3. Which Pennsylvania Thayer was the US Army Air Force fighter pilot who died in a plane crash in China during World War II?  
4. Which Thayer was the patentee of the Spiral Spring bed mattress?
5. Which Thayer left Massachusetts for Florida to engage in citrus growing there and was among the first settlers of Winter Park, FL?
6. Which Massachusetts Thayer was killed by falling from the frame of a new building?
7. Which Thayer woman and her husband died the same day of food poisoning from a commercial form of fertilizer? [Probably from bone dust containing animal poison].
8. Which Bellingham, MA Thayer wore an old straw hat and kept a store of the best apples for his beloved grandchildren?
9. Which Thayer Massachusetts father of 6 children died from injuries received in a severe fall which he had while training a young steer?
10. Which Rhode Island Thayer was a veteran of the Spanish American War?
11. Which Thayer daughter married a prominent Rhode Island clock and watch repairer, and violin maker?
12. Which Vermont Thayer was a wounded in Civil War Battles in the Petersburg and Richmond, VA vicinity?
13. Which Kansas Thayer married the daughter of an American film director, produce and write and a silent film actress?
14. Which Massachusetts Thayer died age 34 following a wound he received at the second Battle of Bull Run?
15. Here’s one most everyone can answer: Which Massachusetts Thayer was a Brigadier General during the Civil War and became Nebraska’s 6thGovernor?
16. Which Boston, MA Thayer was one of the pioneers of Minstrelsy and had Thayer’s Minstrels and Thayer and Newcomb Minstrels in the 1840's and 1850's?
17. Which Vermont Thayer died age 20 in service in the Civil War?
18. Which Illinois Thayer died after returning home, shortly after serving in the Civil War?
19. Which Thayer was married the7th generation descendant of Rebecca (Town) Nurse who was hung 19 Jun 1692 in Salem as a "witch"?
20. Which Thayer author published A Digest of Decisions of the Supreme Courtin 1916 and was a Scout Commissioner of Honolulu?
21. Which Thayer was a prominent manufacturer of machinery in Worcester, MA in the late 1800's?
22. The wife of what Thayer died from “confinement” at age 26, in 1866 in New Hampshire; and was the night editor of the Boston Post?
23. What merchant Thayer left a promising career in the state of Michigan in 1911 and settled in Hawaii to sell musical instruments and music, and never returned to the mainland?
24. Which New Hampshire Thayer died age 18 in the Civil War at Alexandria, VA?
25. Which Thayer, at the age of 13, was bargained-for-exchange in the Massachusetts Militia as a substitute for a resident of Uxbridge, MA who had been drafted?
26. Which Thayer died of wounds received in Civil War Battle at Marriette, GA in 1864?
27. What Thayer was killed upon falling from a hay wagon?
28. Which Thayer lady married a drummer for the musician Peter Nero and worked with Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Andy Williams, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis, Elton John, Doc Severinsen and others? 
29. The wife of which Thayer was accidentally instantly killed at age 31 as she was thrown from a wagon?
30. Which Thayer was a Fire Department Fireman in 1930 Binghamton, Broome, NY?
31. Which Thayer was the manager of the National Publishing Company in 1900 Binghamton, NY?
32. Which Thayer worked for the federal Government in Washington, DC as a superintendent of a Railroad?
33. Which Thayer’s mother died when at his birth; father died when he was age 12; and was an Army Air Corps bomber pilot in WWII, who was shot down twice?  
34. Which Massachusetts Thayer was a Revolutionary Soldier who witnessed the execution of the British Spy, Major John  André?
35. Which Thayer married a woman whose prime cause of death was “Opium User for 10 years”?
36. Probably ¼ of our Thayerswill be able to answer this one! Which Thayer lied about his age to join the excitement of the Civil War as a drummer boy, and then went on to have an establishment listed on the National Register?
37. Which Thayer married the granddaughter of the Civil War folklore heroine, who at age 90, waved the Union flag out of her window at Confederate General Stonewall Jackson’s troops, and thusly became the subject of John Greenfeaf Whittier’s poem Barbara Frietchie?
38. Which Thayer was a mechanic who was accidentally gassed to death at age 19 in a garage?
39. Which Thayer was killed by a train at age 25 in Tennessee?
40. Which Virginia Thayer died age 27 in Missouri while serving in the Civil War in as a member of the Illinois Cavalry?
41. Which Thayer, at the age of 24, went from Leyden County, NY to Chautauqua County, NY on an old sled and settled in the wilderness and went on to be a soldier in the War of 1812? 
42. Which Michigan Thayer died in France during World War I?
43. Which Thayer was well-known throughout the Northern U.S for his antique cars and parts collection?
44. Which Thayer died at age 22 by being buried in a Sand bank in 1854?
45. Which Thayer’s wife died as a result of a fall from a Wagon in California? 
46. Which Nebraska Thayer was killed at age 18 during World War II by a Kamikaze pilot in the South Pacific?
47. Which Thayer daughter was killed by a train in 1974 in Nebraska?
48. Which Thayer died age 43 from a load of wood falling on him?
49. Which Thayer died age 19 in the Vietnam War in a fatal truck mishap?
50. Which Thayer lad was fatally wounded while practicing with a gun at age 17?
51. Which Thayer collapsed and died at age 58 while hauling water with a team of horses?
52. Which Thayer was a locomotive Engineer in 1896 in West Springfield, MA?
53. Which Thayer was a “Yankee” who served in the Confederate States of American Armed Forces and remained in the south after the war?
54. Which Thayer was a Director of the Houston Symphony Orchestra?
55. Which Thayer was an Army veteran of World War II and was stationed in Japan and in Europe, where he participated in the Battle of the Bulge?
56. Which Thayer daughter married the launcher of the board game industry which is still popular today?
57. Which Thayer daughter became the Director of Foreign Language Department at a Phoenix Junior College?
58. Which Thayer daughter paid $4 million Dollars cash for a large ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA?
59. Which Thayer became the Proprietor of the Metropolitan Hotel in Springfield, MO?
60. Which Thayer was a prominent New York Sash, Blind and Door Manufacturer in the 1800's?
61. Which Thayer daughter married World Famous Trick and Fancy Roper??
62. Which adopted Thayer siblings were tribal members of Northern Cheyenne?
63. Which Thayer was a late 1800's Massachusetts piano maker?
64. Which Ohio Thayer fell in defense of his country in the Civil War Battle at Bayou Forche at age 24?
65. Which 21 year old Thayer had an affair with a Norwegian lass who became pregnant, and when he went to her home was asked by her father if he loved her; he did not respond fast enough, and the door was closed forever?!?
66. Which young medical student Thayer got into hot water when he was charged with retrieving the body of a person who had died in the city infirmary for the purpose of dissection? (PS: the case was eventually dismissed on payment of court costs). 
67. Which Massachusetts Thayer was an internationally well-known concert organist, composer, traveling virtuoso and teacher of music who committed suicide by shooting himself?
68. Which “temporarily insane” Thayer probates Judge cut his throat while shaving and died immediately?
69. Which Massachusetts Thayer was killed in the line of duty, age 22, during World War II? 
70. Which Vietnam Veteran Thayer died as a result of Suicide? 
71. Which Massachusetts Thayer Civil War Soldier suffered from Sunstroke on a march, recovered and rejoined his regiment and was then killed at the age of 21 when struck while entrenchment by a piece of shell?
72. Which Massachusetts Thayer was best known as the most reliable florists in New England?
73. Which beautiful Thayer is a present day well-known choreographer?
74. Which present day Thayer is a professional Musician and song writer?
75. Which two Massachusetts Thayer sisters were struck by an automobile, with one being killed, and the other surviving? 
76. Which New York Thayer was killed age 31 in the 2nd Battle of Fair Oaks, VA?
77. The funeral of which Thayer was held in the church he helped to build?