December 19, 2019

Warm Christmas Greetings to all!

It is with deep gratitude that I have been able to complete Volume IX of the “Comprehensive Genealogy” for those who have pre-ordered it for the Christmas gifting season. Three miracles in one day preceded this event! Work on Volume X (10) has already commenced, although there are problems with the size. I was certain that it was going to be a smaller volume than the near 1,000 pages of the last six volumes – But, not so! I so enjoyed learning more about each of the Thayer families in all of the past volumes, and expect to be thrilled with learning more about those in this next one as well. Also, Volume VII (7) was all sold out, but is now at the printers for a second printing! Let me know if you have any questions. Here is a glimpse of what is contained in the 26 Addenda of Volume IX:

Addendum A: Thomas Thayer the Immigrant: His immigration, Last Will and Testament, and some additional info on his wife’s Wheeler family. Addendum B: Ferdinando Thayer: Story of life in Mendon, Massachusetts; Ferdinando’s wrestling with the Indians, their burning of his home during the King Philip’s War. Addendum C: Francis Samuel Thayer, American Merchant, and Politician. Addendum D: Moses Allen Thayer, the Civil War soldier’s letter to home. Addendum E: Cephas Thayer and his “Medway Mill” in Medway, Massachusetts. Addendum F: Addison Parsons Thayer and the “Thayer Homeplace” in Medway, MA. Addendum G: Edward Thayer and Sons – Prominent Pawtucket, Rhode Island Manufacturers.Addendum H: Elmer Allen Thayer – Extraordinary Woonsocket, Rhode Island Grocer.Addendum I: Ellis Thayer and Philo Elisha Thayer – Brush makers of Pawtucket, RI. Addendum J: Brigadier General John Milton Thayer – American Soldier, Politician, and Governor of Nebraska; with an impressive study of his work by historian Everett D. Brailey. Addendum K: Lieut. James Harvey Thayer – Union Civil War Soldier. Addendum L: Ralph Ernest Thayer – Hand-crafter of wooden goods. Addendum M: Marjorie Anne Thayer AKA Olga DeNisto – “My Search for Me.” Addendum N: Baruch Thayer – Revolutionary War Soldier. Addendum O: Eli Thayer – Civil War Prisoner of War. Addendum P: Albert Augustus “Gus” Thayer and his Minnesota Thayer Hotel, including the story of his wife’s Civil War Folk Heroine ancestor: Barbara Fritchie and the poem about her written by John Greenleaf Whittier; and a wonderful poem about “Gus” by Edna Louise (Wilke) Thayer. Addendum Q: William Warner Thayer – Minnesota Farmer and Real Estate Businessman and his tragic death. Addendum R: Dr. James Earl Thayer and how he set the history of Nebraska to Music. Addendum S: A story about “Grandpa” Charles Orton Thayer. Addendum T: Milton Bradley – “Let’s Play a Game.”Addendum U: Thomas Warren Thayer – Cazenovia, NY Sash and Door Manufacturer. Addendum V: Doctor Proctor Thayer – Physician and Surgeon. (Read about how he got into – and out of - trouble for body snatching.) You gotta love him! Addendum W: Adin Thayer and Son Charles Martin Thayer – Prominent Massachusetts Politicians. Addendum X: Frederick Thayer – Worcester, MA Fabric Manufacturer, and Leading Citizen. Addendum Y: Charles Davis Thayer – Well-known New England Florist. Addendum Z: Eli Thayer – Educator, Legislator, Inventor, American Abolitionist, and Organizer of the “Kansas Crusade.” An incredible surprise came in the mail last week in the form of a monitory gift from the Thayer Families Association!! Thanks to these wonderful leaders, we will more easily be able to attend the upcoming 2020 National Thayer Family Reunion in Portland Oregon, June 25th – 28th. Please plan to attend with us! We want to meet you all! Have a Happy and an especially HEALTHY New Year. Patricia and Don Muno

Volume IX Book Review: by Editor/Publisher Don Muno
Forty-six years of research and a year of intensive editing preceded Volume IX (9) of A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of America. It is rare, to say the least, that any family in America or elsewhere can find a comprehensive family genealogy of excess of one or two volumes, tracing family and ancestors back for more than 500 years; except perhaps for “Royals,” whose ancestry with proven descendancy allows for proof of lineage establishing monarchal claims of leadership rights. Few family members can afford to spend a life of dedication to such a lofty goal, and, until Patricia’s generation, computers were not available to gather, sort, and record the life histories and thousands of detailed records of dates and accompanied stories. Let me highlight for you a number of unique aspects of volume IX (9).
For those of you who religiously order each volume as it has come off the press, you will be very excited and pleased as your copy arrives before Christmas. For all other Thayers, each “Comprehensive” volume adds pages of stories of the ancestors’ accomplishments and efforts to shape our American History. Heroic actions that Thayers have taken that elevates their life’s achievements can be shared by all those who also sign their name “THAYER,” or those who are simply exceedingly proud of their Thayer ancestry. Of the fifteen major works authored by Patricia, Volume IX (9) has the largest number of Addenda preceding the cross-referenced index of 77 pages. Volume IX (9) contains the information of 3,560 individuals in over 1000 families.
Three hundred and three contributors are listed in the Introduction, along with the 9 family representatives who assisted with compiling information on their respective families. A scholarly work is often judged by its bibliography of which there are 11 pages referencing works that will lead the reader into depths of study to satisfy years of enjoyment. Twenty-six Addenda profile outstanding Thayers who can be referenced back into the genealogies and show relationships. All of this is in addition to the copious notes with special information directly attached to those you are reading about. This depth of credited research separates Patricia’s Thayer genealogies from other works. – Donald Muno