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We invite you to browse the site’s new and enhanced features. We have nearly 25 years of digitized newsletters and are adding a Forum and Photo Archives section along with some other tweaks as we transition to this new system that will enable a younger generation to assume responsibilitry for its operation. Please note our new website URL is which is more appropriate for our mission as a family organization. The former will continue to forward to the new address for awhile but please change your bookmark and use from now on.
The Guestbook from the old site is not currently functional and may never be. Plese use the link below to our Facebook site. Genealogical questions or comments may be made to our Historian/Genealogist via eMail or her Facebook site.
With members in 40 U.S. states plus Canada, Ireland and Panama, the Thayer Families Association welcomes all who have an interest in Thayer families, including all variant spellings.  Membership details can be found here.

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2018 Reunion Info
The plans are coming together for our next National Thayer Family Reunion in Minneapolis, but we need YOU to help us make it everything YOU would like it to be! PLEASE send us your suggestions! Dontcha know... (This phrase is almost always added to the end of just about any sentence in Minnesota.) There is just sooooo much to see and do in Minnesota!
William Russell Thayer
TFA offers its condolences to Will. His companion of the past 21 years, Carolyn(Sinclair) Hale, passed away June 9, 2018 after a long illness. Click the picture above to see funeral home details and sign the guestbook etc.
Will is one of our very early members who was elected December 1992 as TFA's first President. He was ordained for ministry in the Unitarian Christian Church!
FTDNA Father's Day Sale
FamilyTreeDNA's 2018 Father's Day Sale ends at 23:59/11:59 p.m. US Pacific Daylight Time on Monday June 18th!. NOW IS THE TIME TO TEST YOUR yDNA! SINGLE TESTS:Family Finder for $59 USD (for both men and women)Y-37 for $129 USDY-67 for $219 USDY-111 for $299 USDBig Y-500 for $499 USD*[Bundle yDNA & FF to save $20 USD!] UPGRADES:Y-12 to Y37 for $69 USDY-25 to Y-37 for $35 USDY-37 to Y-67 for $79 USDY-37 to Y-111 for $168 USDY-67 to Y-111 for $99 USD*Big Y-500 SPECIAL SALE PRICES:Y-12 to Big Y-500 for $499 USDY-25 to Big Y-500 for $499 USDY-37 to Big Y-500 for $469 USDY-67 to Big Y-500 for $419 USDY-111 to Big Y-500 for $349 USD.
If you would like to join the Thayer Y-DNA Project, go to the Thayer Family DNA project website: and click on the Join link at the top right of the page and fill in the requested information. I will respond to your request and you will be sent a link with information on how to purchase a test kit. Links at the top left of the website provide information and will answer many of your questions. The Y-DNA111 test is recommended for people joining the Thayer DNA Project as it provides the largest test data. The cost for the Y-DNA 111 test is $339, the Y-DNA67 test is $248, and the Y-DNA 37 test is $149.