Thayer Families Association

Mission / Purpose

The Thayer Families Association was founded in 1991 and is the result of many dedicated Thayers as well as non-Thayers. “To sponsor the development, publication and distribution of a rigorously researched Thayer Genealogy” was a stated goal of the TFA founders so that anyone could learn about their ancestry and the history of this truly remarkable surname.

Operating Year: January - December 2018

President: Jim Thayer
Vice President: Robin Harvey
Treasurer: Marilyn Thayer
Secretary: Nancy Thayer
Director at Large: Carlos Thayer
Director at Large: Jeffrey Thayer
Director at Large: Verne Thayer
Director at Large: Samuel Thayer
Director at Large: Larissa Cullen
Committee Chairs
Auditing: Lloyd Thayer
Bylaws: Nancy Thayer
DNA: Lloyd Thayer
Historian/Genealogist: Patricia Thayer Muno
Membership: Jeffrey Thayer
TQ Editor/Publisher: Larissa Cullen
Nominating: Patricia Thayer Muno
Webmaster: Jim Thayer
Assistant Webmaster: Carlos Thayer