Can you help me with my lineage problem?
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Can you help me with my lineage problem?
Posted: 06/21/2018 - 10:47 am
‚ÄčBecause I have collected the genealogical data for most Thayers, along with their spouses and ancestors, for nearly all who ever lived in America, I will most likely have pre-1920 information on YOUR Thayer family. I have expended numerous years of work and thousands of dollars on the research project with no financial returns, however, and must ask a small charge for the Thayer Pedigree Referral Service. If I do not have any information on your family, I will refund your check or money order.

Can you help me with my lineage problem?
Posted: 08/09/2019 - 12:07 am
Looking for some help with my Thayer line in my family tree.  My grandfather is William M Thayer Jr (1894-1941).  Pretty straight forward finding his father and grandfather; William Sr (1853-1938) and George W Thayer (1822-1907).  But after that it gets very iffy.  So much that is shared on ancestry sites is jumbled, with wives and children being attributed to different husbands and fathers.  I believe that George W Thayer's father may have been Richard Thayer(1785-1862), but it is so confusing plus no indications as to his parents.